Upcountry Provisions

Upcountry Provisions
6809 State Park Rd
Travelers Rest, SC 29690
(864) 834-8433


Balsamic Chicken bites with horseradish aioli $4.00 LiveWell

Seasonal soup with stecca ($cup/$bowl) $4/6.50

Spreads & Breads – hummus LiveWell, chutney and pimento cheese with toasted bread that we have on hand $5

Caprese Salad with stecca $6.00

Avo Blue Cheese Salad $4.00

Warm Bacon Salad $4.50

Half Entree (Sandwich, salad or wrap) $7.00

Dessert (two for $5 and three for $7) $5/$7


Menu items have been approved as healthy dishes low in fat, sodium and sugar by LiveWell Greenville

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