Scan to WIN!

Before you crawl:

  • Go to, click “Register/Login” at top right, then click “Sign up for ChekTrek“.

  • IMPORTANT – If you do not get a verification email after registering, go back to and Log In.

  • CHECK the box that says, “I did not receive an email. Please manually confirm my account.” and click “Log in“.

  • DOWNLOAD a FREE QR Code Reader App to your phone, tablet, or other mobile device. We suggest “QR Code Reader” by Scan, Inc.

If ANYONE in a group purchases a plate, EVERYONE in the group gets to scan the QR code for validation.

Servers present Crawlers with a QR code to scan for validation when paying at each restaurant.

Crawlers may share a phone or other mobile device. If Crawlers do not have access to a mobile device, they may ask for a “Takeaway Card” at each restaurant after a purchase. The unique code on each card may be entered later via PC for validation.

Crawlers are automatically entered into prize drawings based on the number of restaurants they visit.


Register Now!

Register now for ChekTrek, the exclusive Crawl App.
Scan unique QR codes at each participating restaurant
for an entry into the prize drawing at the end of the crawl.
Each check-in earns an entry!


  1. Bring cash. It’s faster, getting you on your way more quickly.
  2. Please tip servers. They’re working harder for smaller checks.
  3. If crawling in a very large group, please try not to occupy seats for a long time, especially if only one or two plates are being ordered.
  4. If there’s a wait at a restaurant, crawl another nearby spot, and then go back.

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