How it Works

Get ready for a fun, interactive, self-guided restaurant crawl. Print the Passport and visit as many restaurants as you can at your own pace. Each restaurant is offering a special Crawl Menu priced from $4 to $10.

If you wish to be entered in prize drawings, go to your App store and download a FREE QR Code Reader to your phone or mobile device. Scan the QR Code at the first restaurant you crawl and you will be re-directed to to Register. OR, Register at ( before you crawl if you don’t want to bother with Registering while you are crawling. If you Registered during a previous ChekTrek event, you just need to Login and crawl!

No ticket needed! Just pay for the small plates you order at each restaurant.

You only pay for the plates you order at each restaurant. Small plates are priced from $4 to $10.

Overall, the crawl runs during lunch and dinner hours, or close if a restaurant wants to extend their participation hours. See Passport for restaurant hours. If you are set on going to a particular restaurant, it’s wise to confirm their hours before going, just in case

Each restaurant chooses to participate one of the following time ranges all three days:

  • Lunch Hours
  • Dinner Hours
  • Lunch and Dinner Hours

Nothing is required, but we have some suggestions:

  • Passport  Print a Passport to use as a reference. It lists restaurant names, addresses, hours, map locations, and whether they are participating in the Six & Twenty Spirits Challenge. Print the Passport here:
  • Cash – Plastic is okay, but cash is faster when paying your bill.
  • Cell phone – or other mobile device for scanning QR Codes, which enters you in prize drawings. If you don’t have either, you can share someone else’s device, or ask for a code at each restaurant to enter later on your home computer. Remember, this is not required to do the Crawl.

The Passport is a one page reference you can print and take with you that lists restaurant names, addresses, hours, map locations, and whether they are participating in the Six & Twenty Spirits Challenge. Print the Passport here:

It’s easy!

  • Download a free QR Code Reader to your cell phone or mobile device.
    • Use whichever App you’d like. We’ve had good luck with “QR Code Reader” by Scan, Inc.
  • Register at ChekTrek:
    • Register/Login at first restaurant: If you haven’t registered or logged in beforehand, the first restaurant QR Code you scan will take you to to register or login.
    • Register and Login before the Crawl (easiest) – Go to and click “Register” at top right.
      • IMPORTANT – If you do not get a verification email after registering, check your Spam folder. If it’s not there either, go back to and Log In
      • CHECK the box that says, “I did not receive an email. Please manually confirm my account.” and click “Log in“
  • Scan the QR Code presented at each restaurant when paying and you’re entered in prize drawings:
    • If ANYONE in a group purchases a plate or competition cocktail, EVERYONE in the group gets to scan the code
    • Scan 5 or more to be entered into prize drawings
    • Include a restaurant outside of downtown Greenville to double your prize winning chances! Qualifying restaurants will be indicated on the Guide.
    • The more QR Codes you scan, the better prizes you qualify to win

Yes! Sharing is encouraged so you don’t get too full before making it to all the restaurants you plan on crawling.

NOTE: If you’re with a big group and order just a few plates, please move on as soon as you can to free up seats for others. Thank you!

See all participating restaurants  on the “Restaurants” page:

You can also see all restaurants on the printable Passport:

Yes! We post menus for all the restaurants ahead of the Crawl so you can plan your route.

Menus can be found in two places: on each restaurant’s page and ALL menus are on the Menus page:


Register now for ChekTrek, the exclusive Crawl App.
Scan unique QR codes at each participating restaurant
for an entry into the prize drawing at the end of the crawl.
Each check-in earns an entry!

This is a rain-or-shine event.
Small plates taste just as great no matter what the weather.
Come hungry!

For more information, contact Nichole Livengood at


  1. Bring cash. It’s faster, getting you on your way more quickly.
  2. Please tip servers. They’re working harder for smaller checks.
  3. If crawling in a very large group, please try not to occupy seats for a long time, especially if only one or two plates are being ordered.
  4. If there’s a wait at a restaurant, crawl another nearby spot, and then go back.

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